pre-school program


age: 2.5 years to 3.5 years

maximum capacity: 39 pre-schoolers (3 classes)

availability: please contact



Our Pre-School Program is designed with your growing child in mind! Staff provide a safe, warm, nurturing environment for your little pre-schoolers each day. The classroom is set up to allow for independant exploration as well as group activities. Toys stimulate cognitive development and help build gross motor skills, while art and sensory activities support fine motor skills, hands-on learning and creative thinking.


Our daily programs include: 

  • Circle time with group games, story-telling, and sing-a-longs

  • Dramatic play, including puppet centre and dress-up centre

  • Musical activities, including rythmic dancing and instrument play

  • Age-appropriate math activities and science experiments

  • Outdoor play, including jungle gym, tricycles, sand box, water table, ball play, and parachute play

  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks

  • A refreshing nap or quiet time for children who no longer nap



We have an open-door policy with parents and welcome you to stop by anytime!


If you'd like to tour our Pre-School Program, please call The Munchkin Manor today!